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You can't eat that here

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I was supposed to be meeting Emma and some of her Uni friends tonight - they were going out celebrating the end of their final exams. The plan was for me to take the bus in and join them at Varsity for food and a few drinks before going to the Students Union. Unfortunately Varsity wasn't serving food for some unspecified reason so I was asked if I could go via KFC and pick up a couple of meals and a bucket. Although KFC is on the bus route, I would be stuck waiting for the next bus while holding a rapidly cooling box of chicken bits so I had to drive. Which meant I would be on soft drinks for most of the night

We sat outside Varsity eating our food and drinking jugs of cocktails from the bar. As we were getting towards the end of the meal the manager came out and told us that we shouldn't eat our own food on the premises and we'd have to stand on the pavement if we wanted to continue. As most of us had finished eating, this wasn't a problem. She took away the rubbish we'd generated. (So much fat had come out of the chicken in the bucket that it had dissolved away the cardboard at the bottom. Yum!)

After we had all finished eating we went back inside to buy more drinks. The manager seriously considered not allowing us to be served! Fairly stupid really because the pub was fairly quiet and they probably needed all the custom they could get.

On leaving Varsity we went into the Students Union for the Top Banana night. It was empty when we got there but by the time we left it was really crowded. Probably something to do with most drinks being £1 each. Of course I was driving so was relegated to tap water.

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Emma wrote at 29/4/2006 21:54:17:

"Due to unforseen circumstances, there will be no Food today.

We apologise for any circumstances caused"

Perhaps if we'd have apologised for causing them any circumstances too, they'd have been less distressed. It was a lot like waitress service though, by a rude waitress who called us cheeky.