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A Hamster's Home is his Castle

Story location: Home / Blog / Hamsters /

The last time I wrote about Zac, he was living in a seperate cage to Ira and Gel. About a month ago we decided it was worth trying again to get them to live together. Like last time we started off by getting them out to play together. Then we'd leave them in the same cage during the day while we could keep our eyes on them. We would put Zac back into his own cage at night (actually alternating cages so one night Ira and Gel would be in one cage with Zac in the other, then next night they would be in the other cage).

This time we left it longer before having them in the same cage at night. This seemed to make a difference and everything seemed better with much less fighting and pushing.
Emma wanted to get a larger cage so that they would have more room to run around. She saw the Hamster Castle for sale on ebay decided it would be ideal to keep the three of them in. It is huge (2 foot square), much bigger than the habitrail cages, and required the furniture in the upstairs front room (aka the Hamster Bedroom) to be rearranged.

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Tim wrote at 12/6/2006 20:25:13:


Mike wrote at 17/6/2006 20:51:21:

Hi Tim. They cost between £40-50 new, made by an Italian company called Fop. It's called the Hamsterland. We bought it 2nd hand for around £21. It's only really suitable for dwarf hamsters, the holes in the towers might not big enough for a syrian.

nicolle wrote at 25/11/2007 03:15:32:

hey that is so cool i what to do something like that to my hamster cage but i cant do it wirte now because my hamster is going to have babies but i like what you did to yours.

nicolle wrote at 25/11/2007 03:21:39:

hey is me agin have you ever lost a hamster i lost mine. but then i found her and now she is going to have baby with my best friends hamster. have one of your hamsters ever hade babise. bye

Mike wrote at 25/11/2007 10:36:45:

No, our hamsters haven't had babies. Apart from Hank and Peggy, we keep them in single sex groups.
We don't have the 'Hamster Castle' cage any more. We sold it about a year ago. It took too long to clean.

clubpenguin wrote at 24/12/2007 01:55:38:

your hamster is having babys i think mine mite with my friends hamster 2

Molly wrote at 29/1/2008 22:50:07:

I need Hamsterland. If anyone gets this message and knows how I can purchase one, please contact me asap. email: mmcrawfo@stetson.edu

brittany wrote at 3/2/2008 00:09:10:

wow! were do you buy that at.

Mike wrote at 3/2/2008 11:11:09:

Hi Brittany,
My girlfriend bought the hamster castle a couple of years ago, from Ebay. I don't know of anywhere in the UK who sell it.

leslie wrote at 5/3/2008 21:15:18:

syrians should not be housed together past age 2 mths. they are solitary. this is why yours kept fighting. u were trying to force the unnatural. i hope one didn't kill the other before u realized it.

Mike wrote at 10/3/2008 20:18:48:

I know Syrian Hamsters will fight. These were Roborovski dwarf hamsters and they will happily live in small groups, although you sometimes get some fighting if you try to introduce an animal into an existing group. I mentioned in one of the earlier comments that the hamster castle isn't suitable for syrians.

Pink Princess wrote at 31/3/2008 23:57:29:

I used to have 2 roborovski hamsters. They are so small. I have the rotastak Pink Palace for my syrian and i am looking to breed mice or dwarf hamsters. My roborovskis started fighting, if they were females they are only sociable for about 4 months or something. I had to separate mine.

Ajay wrote at 9/7/2008 05:42:41:

...That hamsters, no matter how big or how small, will sqeeze through however big the tubes are in a cage. It doesn't matter how big or how small the cage or hamster is. they WILL get through the tube, TRUST ME!!! they are able to make their bodies as small as they need, without hurting themselves, to get through anything they want, take or give a little. So it doesn't matter if the cage is for smaller or larger hamsters, they will figure it out. that's whats so incredible about them. Also, they can live in really small spaces without caring. They honestly dont care, but they would like a bigger cage every once in a while! ;)

louise wrote at 4/9/2008 17:35:52:

hiya you have a mmad cage... ya should of sold it to me i would of loved it and i wouldnt care if it took me hours to clean it lol i would of loved it :) do ya have the persons number that build it????

Tyler wrote at 26/11/2008 19:03:31:

that is the biggest cage I have ever seen.

emily and paige lewis wrote at 18/3/2009 19:41:08:

emily and paige love hamsters we got one that we share and we love our hamster so much.that we have a girl and her name is smige.and she is so cute .we thick we are going to but that cage for her.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

keithleen wrote at 16/4/2009 08:15:46:

do sell it?how much?

Mike wrote at 16/4/2009 10:12:26:

Hello everyone. The castle was bought 2nd hand on ebay so I don't know where you can buy it from. We don't have the castle any more, since we sold it over a year ago. It might look fun but it took a lot of time to clean and assemble. I don't know any more details about the castle or where to get them from. Sorry.

mary wrote at 14/8/2009 14:03:06:

It's very good

marie wrote at 14/8/2009 14:04:32:

C'est surprenant