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End of year hamster update

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On November 13th we acquired another roborovski hamster. He came, complete with cage, from a breeder who was retiring due to poor health. We christened him Zacharia, or Zac for short. Upon closer examination he turned out to be a she so we put 'him' in the cage with Ira and Gel to see if they'd all live together. We kept the cage in our room overnight so we could keep an eye on them. They play ok during the day but Ira chases Zac around the cage at night so we decided to seperate them.
This is similar to what happened with Reggie, Theo and Archie - there would be fighting in the night and we found blood in the bedding and Archie covered in cuts. We decided to seperate those as well so we now have 6 hamsters in 5 different cages.

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