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Cornsilk Tea

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We planted sweetcorn in the garden again this year but it was very late ripening. I only harvested it this week after the plants had started to die off. When I opened the cobs none of them were fully ripe, so I hung them up to dry. I'll have a go at making popcorn with them at a later date.

I can't remember where I first heard about cornsilk tea but I decided to give it a go tonight. I separated the long strands of silk from the cobs and cut off the brown dried ends. I put a handful in a jug and poured boiling water over. After about 5 minutes or so I strained it into a cup. The drink was a strange yellow green colour and smelt of tinned corn. It wasn't a very appetising smell and the drink didn't taste very nice. I only managed a couple of sips before I decided to pour it away and make a proper cup of tea.

I think I will stick to 'normal' tea from good old Camellia sinensis. I don't mind whether it's green, black, white or oolong. Although I will also drink Rooibos or Lemon Verbena too.