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Rustenberg Roxton Viognier, 2007

Story location: Home / food_and_drink / wine /

This bottle came from a case bought from Virgin Wines. We were surprised to find it was 15% alcohol - I don't think I've seen a normal non fortified wine at this strength. It didn't taste strong but after drinking a glass, I could certainly tell that I'd had a drink. It was a dry pleasant tasting wine.

Animal Update

Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

Degu enjoying his bikket
We buy these parsley biscuits, and the Degus really love them. They run up to the side of the cage and beg for them. They don't eat them straight away but usually run around carrying them in their mouths for a few minutes first.

Sapphire hamster baby
One of Fadle's babies - currently un-named but we refer to her as 'Big Blue' She has a slightly smaller sister called 'Little Blue'.

Chocolate Mouse
Chocolate Mousse hiding in the igloo.

Handful of Mice
All of our female mice. Clockwise, starting from the top:
Chocolate Mousse, Ikea, Shiny Black, Tricolour, Fake Cow, Momma Mousse and Pinky.