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An Interesting Diversion

Story location: Home / Blog /

After leaving work I walked to New Street Station as usual. I glanced at the board to check that my usual train was at it's usual platform. The train left the station only a couple of minutes late. I looked out of the window at the industrial units we were passing and thought they looked slightly unfamiliar. Also the BT Tower seemed to be in a different direction. We then passed through an area of housing, looking down onto the rooftops. I don't remember seeing that before. We passed a park with a pond. Wait a minute. There's definitely no park like that along the route home.

The train slowly trundled through a station. I looked out of the window to read the name. Perry Barr. Holy Crap! We're heading in the wrong direction. None of the other passengers look worried. Am I on the wrong train? If the next stop is outside the West Midlands, my railcard won't be valid to get me home. The LED display in the carriage still claims the train is heading towards London Euston via Birmingham International and Coventry but we are going in the wrong direction.

The voice of the train manager wafts through the train. We are being diverted because a lorry hit a bridge near Adderley Park station. The train has to pass over the bridge so the line is closed while they do safety checks. Ok, I'm on the right train. We pass under the A38. I look at the road signs and notice we are going from west to east so at least we are now in the right direction. We pass Aston Villa football stadium and Star City. The next station we pass is Stetchford. Phew. We're back on the right line now.

We arrive in Coventry almost half an hour late. I step onto the platform. Puzzled. I don't recognize this place. What platform are we on? The sign says 1. The other sign says Coventry. Ok, right place. I look down the platform one way then the other. Ah, the exit is over there. The train came in 'backwards' so I was at the unfamiliar opposite end of the station. I wander the length of the platform, under the road bridge and towards home.

Tonsillitis Day 2

Story location: Home / Blog /

Yesterday my Doctor told me I should rest for 'anywhere between a few hours and a few days'. I decided I would wait until I woke up naturally this morning and see if I felt well enough to go to work.

I always feel guilty about staying off work if I'm able to be up and about but yesterday I was too tired and work would have made me feel worse. This morning I was feeling a bit better so after a late breakfast consisting of yesterdays uneaten bacon sandwiches dunked in soup, I wandered off to the station to catch the train to work.

It doesn't hurt as much when I eat now but I think it's wise to stick to soft foods at the moment so lunch was more bread and soup, along with some cherry tomatoes and a hard boiled egg. As long as I remember to take my penicillin an hour before eating, I should be ok.