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New web host

Story location: Home / welcome /

Over the weekend, I moved the website to a new web host. A lot of the addresses and configuration for the blog script needed changing but hopefully I've got everything sorted now. Most of the links now work but occasionally you'll get an error message explaining about the site moving. That probably means there's a link I've not fixed or a page I've not uploaded yet. It will probably take me most of this week before everything's working properly.

New Car

Story location: Home / Blog /

We were supposed to collect our new car on saturday but as I've already mentioned, we were away. I left work early this afternoon so we could go and collect it today.

It's not a new car (just over 4 years old) but it's low milage and in good condition. When we took it for a test drive, the speedometer wasn't working but thankfully that had been fixed and we were able to drive it away safely and legally.

We chose to buy a Kia Rio because they don't hold their value, so second hand ones are much cheaper than most other similar sized cars. As long as we get a couple of years motoring out of it, we'll be happy.