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Blosxom Benchmark Timings

Story location: Home / computing / blosxom /

I was curious as to how well blosxom would handle large numbers of articles - my main worry was whether it would slow down much if it had to sort through a lot of stories before displaying anything. The timings here are for 100,500,2000 and 10000 stories.

Times are in milliseconds and are the average of 10 runs. If the'entriescache' plugin is used then blosxom seems to manage quite well.

Time (ms)
no of entries: 100 500 2000 10000
1. no plugins 2281 4091 8422 48452
2. no cache 2537 4392 12236 52570
3. entriescache reindex 2822 4533 14016 54172
4. entriescache normal 1159 1180 1269 1978


  1. All of the plugins removed before running the benchmarks
  2. All of the plugins except for entriescache
  3. entriescache using reindex=y to force reading all the files
  4. entriescahce in normal use

Blosxom seems to scale reasonably well with increased number of files, especially so when entriescache is installed. If a large number of stories are to be displayed, it's probably a good idea to have entriescache to only rebuild the cache when needed, by setting to a large number such as 999999 which would rebuild every approximately 2 years.

Map of the Moon

Story location: Home / links /

I found this interesting: moon.google.com. It's Google's way of comemorating the anniversary of the moon landings. Zoom in all the way.