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Photo Gallery

Story location: Home / photography / gallery /

An assortment of my photos from over the years. Viewing each photo will bring up details of location and sometimes the film used. Two of the photos (Nether Alderley Mill and Christchurch) were taken using Infra-red film.


Click on the thumbnail to view the image

Concert Photos

Story location: Home / photography / gallery /


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Another website re-shuffle!

Story location: Home / welcome /

I noticed that my existing website hadn't been updated for a while, so decided to do something about it. I thought that the best way of doing this was to use a system which would make it easier for me to add pages to the site, and blogging software seemed to be one possible route. So here it is... I've decided to try out Blosxom, it's fairly basic but easy to use and configure. I'll have to see how things go now - hopefully this will encourage me to update my site a bit more often.