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Avast, me hearties

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Today be Talk like a Pirate day. To avoid looking like the scurvy-filled landlubber you obviously are, ye must watch this video.

The Covers Project

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I found this website a while ago when I was trying to find out who recorded the original version of Tainted Love (it was Gloria Jones by the way).

The Covers Project

The website allows you to search for singers or bands and it lists songs of theirs which have been covered by other artists, and also songs which they have covered themselves.

Mouse Balancing

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A silly little game: try to balance the mouse pointer and stop it from falling over:


The Geek Test

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This test did the rounds at Uni but it looks like it's been updated since, so I thought I'd try it again to see if my score had changed. Not much. It was around 27%. This time I got 26.0% so it has actually dropped slightly. That might be because I'm not running Linux on my old laptop any more.

Find the test at: www.innergeek.us/geek-test.html.

i am a total geek

permanent link

Land of the free and home of the poorly

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According to a survey, Americans are much less healthy than the British. Even the British at the poor end of the scale are healthier than wealthier-than-average Americans. Woo-hoo. Pass me another jumbo bucket of chicken bits, fries and a gallon of (non-diet) coke.

Coventry weather station

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I found this site a few days ago - it's a weather station run by a school in Coventry. As well as showing the current conditions it also has some statistics and historical weather info:
Bablake Weather Station

Looking at the statistics page I was surprised to see that there were 23 days last year when it snowed - I didn't think it had snowed that often, but it might count some hail (or snail) in with that.

Celebrity Stiffs League 2006

Story location: Home / links /

This is one of those games where people choose a list of celebrities, and score points depending on which ones die. Each competitor enters a team of 15 celebrities and then waits for the Grim Reaper to start knocking on doors. Last years game has finished and the scores will be finalised as soon as all the obituaries are in for 2005.

Entries are still being accepted for this years competition, which began on January 1st. To enter, visit the Website.

permanent link

Racing Frogs

Story location: Home / links /

Thankfully, nothing to do with that annoying frog ringtone, Racing Frogs lets you train amphibians and enter them into races. It gives me something to do at lunchtime.

A few tips:
You'll need to train your frog 3 times each day to increase fitness.
Buy the book - it allows access to the VIP lounge where you can catch dragonflies to improve your frogs performance.

Planet Japan

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I've been listening to the Planet Japan podcast for a while now. It's quite interesting if you try to ignore all the bad jokes and annoying Moooo-ing from the presenters. It's an interesting, informative and entertaining view of Japan by two Americans who have lived and worked there for a number of years.

Friends Websites

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Links to a few friends websites:

Squirrel Stuff

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The BBC seems to love reporting on squirrel stories, the latest one being about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Here are a few more from the site:

Map of the Moon

Story location: Home / links /

I found this interesting: moon.google.com. It's Google's way of comemorating the anniversary of the moon landings. Zoom in all the way.

Spectrum Emulator

Story location: Home / links /

Possibly the most compete repository of ZX Spectrum info can be found at World of Spectrum. This is where I found the link for the emulator I'm using on my phone. I'm still playing the football manager game (and have won the FA Cup a few times). I still need to find more phone-friendly games though. Arcade games don't always play very well because of the small keys on the phone. I'll have to find some strategy games which don't use too many keys to play.

The emptiest square mile in britain

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In work, while I was checking traffic flow figures for Lincolnshire, I remembered that somewhere in the county is the emptiest square mile, according to the Ordnance survey. Here is the link to the BBCs reporting of it, and to the map itself.

Which website are you?

Story location: Home / links /

A quiz on the BBSpot website. I am Wikiepdia, apparently!.

You are wikipedia.org You are a know-it-all. You are trustworthy, most of the time. You are versatile and useful. You like volunteering. You are free.
Which Website are You?

permanent link