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Yorkshire vs Lancashire

Story location: Home / bits-n-bobs /

Not quite the War of the Roses but a not-too-serious comparison between Yorkshire and Lancashire . In the interest of fairness I am taking the pre-1970's county boundaries, so I'll include Liverpool and Manchester as 'Old' Lancashire . As little research as possible has been conducted, only simple fact-checking to make sure I haven't mis-remembered anything important.

Yorkshire Lancashire Result
Countryside James Herriot Country Dark Satanic Mills Yorkshire
Food Yorkshire Pudding
Pontefract Cake
Wensleydale Cheese
Black Pudding
Eccles Cake
Lancashire Cheese
Beer Theakstons
Sam Smiths
J W Lees
Joseph Holt
Ye Olde stuff York (except Jorvik which is a rip-off) Err... some old buildings scattered around Yorkshire
Fun Scarborough Blackpool Lancashire
Big Cities Leeds
Films American Werewolf in London
The Full Monty
28 days later
The Parole Officer
Yorkshire (but it was close)
TV Comedy Open All Hours
Last of the Summer Wine
Royal Family
Phoenix Nights

It's a dead heat so far so I'll get Google to decide the winner.

Google search for Yorkshire Lancashire Result
"... is Great" 358 7 Yorkshire
"... is Crap" 2 0 Lancashire
"... is better than ..." 13 3 Yorkshire

It was close but it looks like Yorkshire wins on penalties.

permanent link

Lancashire Lad wrote at 22/9/2009 17:58:36:

Lancashire should have won this! You missed out Brief Encounters in the film section (which was filmed at Carnforth Station), and Hotpot in the food category. That gives us two extra categories and makes us the winner.

Yorkshire Born and Bread wrote at 23/9/2009 19:06:20:

All I can say is the Lancashire Lad is very very wrong, its sad to see he cant see that Yorkshire is the better county.

as for films calendar girls filmed in north york moors

This Lancashire lad will no doubt have weak Lancashire arms to match his weak arguments

Tyke 4 LyFe wrote at 1/11/2009 21:27:25:

What 'bout goathland, where they filmed parts of harry potter eh...

Christian wrote at 11/2/2010 17:55:36:

You missed out an important category... FOOTBALL! Lancashire - Manchester United, Liverpool + half the Premier League... Yorkshire - ???

Beeswax wrote at 2010-04-13 22:53:

Football is for working class people. Yorkshire, a bit more class than that.....

Lancashire Beats yorkshire wrote at 2010-05-04 19:55:

Lancashire wins hands down.

War Of Roses: Victor Lancashire; Loser Yorkshire. (Pretty important seen as from this the Lancastrians established the House of Tudor with ruled for well over a century, formed a powerful central government and forms the foundations of our society today.

Industry: Lancashire Victor; Loser Yorkshire. (Liverpool and Manchester at centre of industrial revolution, especially textiles and cotton spinning thanks to Richard Arkwright's innovation, he's from Lancashire needless to say and Henry Cort's iron producing method he's a Lancastrian also.)

Music: Lancashire Victor; Loser Yorkshire. (The Beatles, Oasis, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Take That all from Lancashire)

Science: Lancashire Victor; Loser Yorkshire.(Rutherford, Dalton and JJ Thomson are noble laurettes that pioneered study into atomic theory and provides the basis for every Chemistry and Nuclear Physics class across the country.)

Sport: Lancashire Victor; Loser Yorkshire.(Manchester United and Liverpool the two most successful teams in the history of football, no Yorkshire teams in the premier league. No-one gives a shit about Cricket and Rugby that's why only about ten teams play it at an international level.)

Soap Operas: Lancashire Victor; Yorkshire Loser.(Coronation street is miles better than emmerdale)

Nights Out: Lancashire Victor; Yorkshire Loser. (Give me a night out in Manchester, Liverpool or Blackpool any day over Bradistan, Heffield or Dull)

Farms, Sheep-shagging and Incest: Yorkshire wins, but i'm afraid that is all it wins at.

Let's not forget that Yorkshire is four times the size of Lancashire and that becasue of Lancashire's history, heritage and culture, it is often divided up further. It just proves that Yorkshire isn't fit to wipe Lancashire's arse and that Yorkshire is essntially wasteland.

Hope this proves that logic and facts outweigh primitive Yorkshire reasoning and the Yorkshire phrase 'strong in the arm, strong in bed' is correct, it's just a pity that they are usually in bed with their sister.

andy wrote at 2010-05-18 04:46:

That is funny, i see you've picked the best parts of Lancashire, and the worst parts of Yorkshire, we all know that Yorkshire wins hands down, and by trying to prove otherwise says your jealous, i could tell you why Yorkshire is better, but you and everyone else already knows, and it would bring me down to your witless level

andy's sexual encouter with aunt wrote at 2010-05-27 02:03:

andy could tell you why yorkshire is better, but he hasn't because it's not. The comment above andy's picks a topic and then compares Lancashire to yorksire. It doesn't pick a place, it picks a topic. It just so happens that the worst parts of yorkshire are the only parts of yorkshire. Andy go back to your farm and come back when reason reaches yorkshire.

Yorkie pud wrote at 2012-04-13 13:19:

Im sory but yorkshire wins but i ust say yes you have successful teams and corrie is better than emerdale, but i went to manchster and went fro ub to pub because they were all crap. we ended up going back to what you all call bradistan and had a great time in the tong conservative club and our food includes not just the amazing yorkshire udding but uch more also ive had more fun in scarborough than blackool. sorry my 'p' and 'm' dont work soetimes

Lancaster forged wrote at 2013-04-08 13:21:

I've been to both Lancaster grammer school , stonyhurst and Bradford grammer . I saty Lancashire is beat , bur only justify