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21 Today

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Ikea is celebrating is 21st birthday, so they have 21% off most items in the shop. We went this morning because we needed to buy some picture frames. We ended up buying a cabinet for the front hallway, which was almost too big to fit into the car. A bit of pushing, shoving and seat re-arranging and we managed in the end. There was a taller version of the cabinet which we thought of buying but decided not to. The reason wasn't anything sensible like 'how will we get it home' but 'we won't be able to reach the top shelf'.

Still in Ikea: the hand dryers in the toilets are much more powerful than most. They sound a bit like mini jet turbines and force the air through so quickly your hands dry in a few second. When I walked in, the person ahead of me had put his hands under the dryer then let out a squeaky 'ooh' or surprise.