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Morrisons Mystery Bag

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

Our local Morrisons supermarket, in common with most supermarkets, has a shelf where they put a lot of the 'reduced' foods - dented tins, damaged packaging, things close to being out of date, that sort of thing. Occasionally they also manage to go one step further and have carrier bags full of assorted reduced items, where the entire bag costs 50p. I've not seen this in any other branch of Morrisons so I don't know if it's common practice or not. My parents haven't seen them in their local shop.

They had 2 such bags on the shelf today so we decided to buy both. They mostly contained a standard assortment of foods - crisps, pasta sauce, tins of tomatoes, mushy peas, tuna, soft drink cans etc. There were also a few surprise items - we weren't expecting the tin of cat food or dog food. Slightly more welcome were the packets of meat-filled tortellini which should normally sell for £1.50 each. Most welcome of all was the Lindt chocolate bunny which was intact with just some scratches on the foil.

You couldn't rely on the bags for a balanced diet (other items included tins of semolina pudding and a pack of chocolate puddings) but they provide some nice bargains.