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Maria's Bakery, Coventry Market

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

I do like cakes so I recently decided to look out for any shops or bakeries in Coventry selling nice looking cakes. A few weeks ago I noticed a cake stall on the market with a nice looking display of cupcakes so I decided to try a couple.

I started off with a chocolate orange cupcake and a red velvet one. The latter wasn't as red as some which I've had (probably down to the quality or intensity of the food colouring) but they were both good.

Cupcakes from Maria's Bakery, Coventry Market
Cupcakes from Maria's Bakery, Coventry Market

I was back today to try a couple of other cakes. This time I bought a viennese sandwich (filled with cream and half-coated with chocolate) and a carrot cake. Both of these were good too.

Half Metre Bratwurst

Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

I regularly walk past some of the 'street food' stalls in the city centre and sometimes think about trying one of the sausages from the bratwurst stall but until this week I never actually got around to it. I decided to give the half metre bratwurst a go, complete with onions and german mustard. The sausage is so long, only the middle half fits on the bread.

Half Metre Bratwurst

It's pretty good value at £4.50 and the sausage is good quality and tasty. I did notice that they advertised chicken bratwurst on the side of the stall so I'll have to try those next time I'm passing.

Love Shake, West Orchard Shopping Centre

Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

I used to write about local eateries and review local restaurants fairly regularly but I haven't done that for a while. There are a few places in Coventry which I mean to try out in the next few weeks, including various shops, restaurants or take-aways. I won't promise that it'll be a weekly thing but I'll try not to leave it too long between reviews.

I'll get the ball rolling with my visit to Love Shake in the West Orchard shopping centre. They do a wide selection of milk shakes (made using chocolate bars), fruit smoothies (made using a mixture of juice and frozen fruit) and locally made ice cream. I chose The Immunizer which is a mixture of equal amounts of strawberry, kiwi and pineapple, topped up with apple juice. then liquidized.

The Immunizer

The use of frozen fruit means the fruit keeps its vitamin content but also means you get an ice cold smoothie which you can't drink too quickly without freezing your throat. The fruit flavours come through well and you can taste them all within the mix.

I'll have to pop back to try their ice cream next.

Yo Sushi take-away

Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

Yo Sushi take-away
Emma texted me to say she had bought something special for our tea but I wasn't expecting take away sushi. We shared 3 take-away boxes. It was a very nice surprise and the first time I'd had actual slices of sashimi, instead of having small amounts rolled up in sushi.


Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

We drove to McDonalds for a milk shake. We specifically asked for a large Vanilla. When we got home it turned out to be something else altogether. Probably supposed to be chocolate but it was pale coloured, vaguely chocolatey but really not very nice at all.

We had to drive all the way back to get it replaced. The Canley branch does seem to be one of the worst McD's in Britain. It's not the first time we've had problems there.

You can't eat that here

Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

I was supposed to be meeting Emma and some of her Uni friends tonight - they were going out celebrating the end of their final exams. The plan was for me to take the bus in and join them at Varsity for food and a few drinks before going to the Students Union. Unfortunately Varsity wasn't serving food for some unspecified reason so I was asked if I could go via KFC and pick up a couple of meals and a bucket. Although KFC is on the bus route, I would be stuck waiting for the next bus while holding a rapidly cooling box of chicken bits so I had to drive. Which meant I would be on soft drinks for most of the night

We sat outside Varsity eating our food and drinking jugs of cocktails from the bar. As we were getting towards the end of the meal the manager came out and told us that we shouldn't eat our own food on the premises and we'd have to stand on the pavement if we wanted to continue. As most of us had finished eating, this wasn't a problem. She took away the rubbish we'd generated. (So much fat had come out of the chicken in the bucket that it had dissolved away the cardboard at the bottom. Yum!)

After we had all finished eating we went back inside to buy more drinks. The manager seriously considered not allowing us to be served! Fairly stupid really because the pub was fairly quiet and they probably needed all the custom they could get.

On leaving Varsity we went into the Students Union for the Top Banana night. It was empty when we got there but by the time we left it was really crowded. Probably something to do with most drinks being £1 each. Of course I was driving so was relegated to tap water.

The Spon End Fish Bar

Story location: Home / food_and_drink /

Tonight, both of us fancied chips so we decided to check out the local take-aways. There are quite a few nearby - one we'd been to before was the Spon End Fish Bar, which does chicken kebab meat and chips for £2.50. Last time we were there they'd sold out of chicken so we just had chips, which were still nice. This time we were luckier. The chicken was tikka flavoured and there was lots of it - excellent value.