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Frosty Green Tomatoes

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /
  1. At last, over a month after it was delivered, it was time for our recycling bin to be emptied. We filled it a couple of weeks ago and we've got enough new recycling to fill it all over again.

  2. There had been a heavy frost overnight. It took a while to defrost the car this morning.

  3. On my way to the office this morning, I overheard some women talking. I missed the start of the conversation but I think they were talking about the cold weather. I heard one of them say "But it's not even December yet!".

  4. I had lots of spare unripe tomatoes in the fridge so I decided to make some Green Tomato Chutney. I followed one of Keith Floyd's recipes from the BBC website. Chutneys are supposed to improve after a few weeks so I won't sample it yet and give it a chance to mature.

Our blue bin has arrived

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

Our blue-lidded recycling bin has finally been delivered, although the first collection isn't until the start of December. It will make recycling so much easier. We will be able to dump paper, card, tins, glass and plastic bottles in it. This will be so much easier than having to put everything in the car and drive to a recycling point somewhere.

Recycling Bins

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

I wish the Council would hurry up and delivers our recycling bin soon. We have seen the new blue lidded bins being delivered to other parts of the city but they haven't been delivered to our neighbourhood yet. The bins are able to take almost anything: plastic bottles, paper, card, glass and cans. We already recycle these but at the moment it means we have to take everything to various places. Supermarkets let us recycle paper and glass. Plastic is readily recycled just over the border in Warwickshire. It will be so much easier when we can do all that from our doorstep.

We will probably be among the last people to receive the new bins because our area is traditionally poor at recycling. Very few people put the paper recycling boxes out. The %$*@s who stole ours stopped us from doing that. If everyone had the new bins then it would make it easier for them to recycle.

Areas like ours should have been the first to receive the bins - it might encourage people to recycle. So Coventry City Council, please hurry up and deliver our bin. We have 3 bags of plastic and cans, 1 box of paper and 1 box of glass all ready to be recycled.

Wheely bin full of plastic

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

Coventry doesn't offer plastic recycling, so all of our plastic bottles used to go into the wheely bin. It is possible to recycle it in Warwickshire so we started saving bottles and taking them to a recycling point whenever we were in the area.

The plastic bins haven't been emptied since Christmas. Our bags of recycling have been steadily filling up until this morning when I finally got fed up with them cluttering up the kitchen and dumped everything in the wheely bin.

I hope the local paper recycling bins have been emptied because we've got a box full of paper and card waiting to go. We used to leave the paper and card recycling outside the house until some wanker stole our recycling box.

A Busy Christmas

Story location: Home / Blog /

It's been a busy Christmas - the first one we've spent in Coventry, previous years we've driven up north to visit our parents.

My parents and my brother came down on Christmas Eve and stayed for 2 nights. We probably cooked too much food for Christmas dinner because there was plenty of turkey, veg and stuffing left over.

Emma's mum and her husband joined us on boxing day, so the house was a bit crowded for lunchtime, but my family went home after lunch.

We've got the house to ourselves now, so we can start finding homes for all the Christmas presents we've received - mostly chocolates and biscuits, so we don't need to buy any of those for a few months. Emma's Dad and his wife are stopping for lunch tomorrow but we'll be serving salad and sandwiches, so that will be a bit easier for us.

We went to take our recycling to the tip this morning but the traffic was queueing all the way to the main road. We took the glass and cardboard to the recycling point at the nearby Asda but that was getting full too. At least it showed that people were willing to recycle over Christmas rather than just throw things away.

The Bin Police

Story location: Home / Blog / news /

I remembered reading a news story recently about how local councils plan to introduce 'Bin Police' to enforce strict recycling policies and to stop people from throwing away recyclable material. I was wondering how such a policy could be enforceable when around here, people regularly throw rubbish into our bin. It happened again this morning when someone had moved our bin a few yards down the road and filled it with cardboard.

Funnily enough, when I tried to check a reference for the 'bin police' story, the only mention I could find was the new newspaper where I originally read it, the good old Daily Mail. Now I'm not too sure about the veracity of the story. You can sum up a typical issue of the Mail as follows:


displaying a journalistic flair for working itself up in a lather with very little regard for any actual facts. So I think I'll take the story with a pinch of salt.

Paper Recycling... Not

Story location: Home / Blog / coventry /

I think someone has stolen the paper recycling box from our front yard. When I got home tonight I was going to bring it into the house to fill, ready for collection tomorrow. It was only then that I noticed it was missing so I don't know when it was taken. I expect it was just some cheeky bastard wanting a free storage tub rather than someone actually wanting to recycle. Hardly anyone in our street bothers putting the boxes out. Most of them are in front yards, collecting either rainwater or rubbish.