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Hamster Treats

Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

We attended the Burgess Small Animal Show last month but have only just got around to transferring the photos from the camera. We were given some 'goody bags' containing animal treats - here are some photos of our beasties enjoying them when we got home.


Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

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Some photos of our new mice

Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

Bandit sitting in a kitchen roll tube. She got her name from the bands around her body.

Bandit and Phantom
Bandit and Phantom.

Phantom was so-called because her face resembles the Phantom of the Opera mask. Here she is, with Bandit in the background.


Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

This afternoon we were near Leicester meeting someone to pick up some mice to replace some of ours which had died recently. The new mice have been named Phantom and Bandit. We don't have any photos yet.

After collecting our mice we drove into Leicester and had a wander around the High Cross shopping centre. I think we mainly went because Emma wanted to go to John Lewis. That was ok by me because I'd never been to one so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I guess if you lived near one it'd be worth shopping there occasionally. We did buy some incredibly tasty dessert sauce though (Luxe Chocolate Noir with Tart Cherries).

Animal Update

Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

Degu enjoying his bikket
We buy these parsley biscuits, and the Degus really love them. They run up to the side of the cage and beg for them. They don't eat them straight away but usually run around carrying them in their mouths for a few minutes first.

Sapphire hamster baby
One of Fadle's babies - currently un-named but we refer to her as 'Big Blue' She has a slightly smaller sister called 'Little Blue'.

Chocolate Mouse
Chocolate Mousse hiding in the igloo.

Handful of Mice
All of our female mice. Clockwise, starting from the top:
Chocolate Mousse, Ikea, Shiny Black, Tricolour, Fake Cow, Momma Mousse and Pinky.

Some Animal Photos

Story location: Home / Blog / Hamsters /

A selection of recent photos of some of our animals.


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Christmouse Tree

Story location: Home / Blog / house /

Before we decorated our tree, we decided to see what a Christmouse tree looked like.

The tree with proper decorations
The tree with proper decorations.

Christmouse Tree

Christmouse Tree

Tree with Mice.