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It only took us 2 years

Story location: Home / Blog /

We used to do jigsaws fairly regularly but we got out of the habit a few years ago. We have one of those 'jigsaw savers' which is a bit like a giant portfolio holder but it keeps all the pieces in place so you can move the jigsaw around while it's half finished. I recently retrieved it from the front room because I remembered that we were part-way through a jigsaw but couldn't remember which one it was.

I think we originally started it a couple of years ago and we might have temporarily given up because we were finding it difficult. There are a lot of pieces with similar colours and there are very few hard edges, making it very tricky to find the exact piece you need.

We continued with the jigsaw about a week ago and finally finished it tonight, doing a couple of hours here and there. We need to tackle a simple relaxing less frustrating jigsaw next.

Vet Jigsaw

At last: finished the Jigsaw

Story location: Home / Blog /

We've been working on this jigsaw for about a week now, doing an hour or so each evening. We finally finished it today.

It's a National Geographic jigsaw, showing the ancient city of Petra. The reason it took so long was because most of its 1000 pieces are almost identical looking bits of stone.

jigsaw of the city of petra