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The Oracle of Bacon

Story location: Home / links /

I spent a few minutes at lunchtime trying to fool the Oracle of Bacon - an on-line version of the famous game where actors are linked to Kevin Bacon in as few moves as possible.

I was trying to find names with a large 'Bacon number' by choosing people such as obscure Russian actors from the 1920s but the highest I managed was 5 links.

House Drinking Game

Story location: Home / Blog / tv /

We were watching an episode of House on DVD when it occurred to me that it would be an ideal programme for a drinking game. There are many phrases and themes which recur repeatedly during a series so it would be fairly straightforward to compile a list of them.

A few which came to mind from the one episode we watched tonight were:

  • House takes a Vicodin
  • House asks for a Differential Diagnosis
  • Someone suggests Cancer
  • Someone suggests Lupus
  • They stick a needle in someones eye
  • A patient gets worse when they start a treatment
  • A patient lies about taking drugs
  • They suspect ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease)

These are only a few initial ideas - the list could and should be expanded.

permanent link

Wii Wii Wii all the way home

Story location: Home / Blog /

We went back into town this afternoon to collect the Wii. We ordered it before Christmas and was told we should get it by mid january.

The Wii Sports game which comes with it is good exercise and very tiring. After a few games of bowling, baseball, tennis and boxing, my arms were aching. We also downloaded the trial version of the Opera web browser and had a brief look at that. It was an odd experience looking at the Internet on a tv but it worked well.

There are other 'channels' on the Wii such as News or Weather. The News channel wasn't working but the Weather one was and it was impressive, allowing you to zoom in and out and pan around a map to see what the forecast was in different parts of the world.

Mouse Balancing

Story location: Home / links /

A silly little game: try to balance the mouse pointer and stop it from falling over:


Racing Frogs

Story location: Home / links /

Thankfully, nothing to do with that annoying frog ringtone, Racing Frogs lets you train amphibians and enter them into races. It gives me something to do at lunchtime.

A few tips:
You'll need to train your frog 3 times each day to increase fitness.
Buy the book - it allows access to the VIP lounge where you can catch dragonflies to improve your frogs performance.

Manic Miner on my phone

Story location: Home / Blog /

One of the problems with my new Nokia 6630 is that it came without any games pre-installed. I was looking for games to download when I realised that the phone was probably powerful enough to run a ZX Spectrum emulator. I knew that one had been written in Java so I looked to see if anyone had adapted it to run on a phone. Instead, I found ZX Boy, which is designed for phones which use the Symbian operating system.

The emulator runs surprisingly well - slightly faster than a real spectrum (which makes playing arcade games a bit more of a challenge). The main problem of course is the lack of a proper keyboard. For games with only a few controls, it is possible to redefine the phones keypad, but a text adventure or anything which requires a lot of typing would be too awkward. There is an on-screen keyboard for typing in small amounts of text, but it would be nice to be able to type by using the phone's keypad in a similar manner to texting.

I intend to browse through some of the spectrum archives on the internet to find some more games to download. At the moment, I am playing Football Manager a lot, especially on the train while travelling to and from work.