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New idea for a celebrity game show

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Earlier today in work, we were discussing radio listening habits. I mentioned that I sometimes listen to Radio 2 but never in the car on the way home because I don't like Chris Evans.

That may have influenced the dream I had tonight where I came 2nd in a 'Beat up Chris Evans With a Baseball Bat' competition, and won a pile of cakes. The winner cheated by claiming they hit him more times than they actually did.


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I had a rather strange dream last night. We were watching Robin Hood on TV and there were some old (1940s or earlier) cars visible in the background, driving along a road through the woods. Then, still in the dream, we were watching the next episode. I was telling Emma about my dream of the other episode with the old cars. The episode we were watching also featured the same old cars, similar to the ones you get in the gangster-era films. There was also a bit in the episode where Marian was shot by an old duelling-style pistol. She was sleeping in the top room of a tower and there was a narrower stone tower alongside. When she stood up, someone in the other tower shot her.

Strange dream

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We went out to a restaurant from work. Some of the bosses were there as well. For main course I ordered beef and chicken pie and roast potatoes but what came was hotpot. A plate of roast veg was brought out and put in the middle of the table but there were only 4 bits of veg on it.

After the main course I somehow ended up at home. My house was very dark inside and I had to crawl between some scaffolding to get into the front door, as if the place was derelict.

I was back in the restaurant for dessert, which was a huge plate of fruit salad. There was a hollow or well in the centre of the plate which was filled with fruit juice. Assorted fruits were arranged around with a different one in each sector of the plate, including gooseberries which were about 1 inch round but cut in half and had a furry texture which I likened to eating a hamster! They also tasted quite like kiwi fruit and not sour at all. Despite the texture they looked more like gooseberries with hair, and not like kiwi fruit with fur.

The dessert also came with a large clear plastic and cardboard mug (the same shape and size as a fast food soft drink) full of a thick dark coloured juice drink with whipped cream floating on top. I was drinking from the top of the cup before I noticed one of my colleagues drinking from a straw which was sticking out of the side of the cup.

Unfortunately then my alarm went off and I had to get ready to leave for work.

Last night's dream

Story location: Home / Blog /

I had a strange dream last night. I was wandering around a town centre but it was more like Aberystwyth than Coventry, although it had a large indoor shopping center, unlike Aber. When I was outside I heard a tannoy announcement from the railway station, but it was broadcast to the entire town. It apologised for the late arrival of the tuesday train. I glanced at my watch and noticed that it was wednesday lunchtime. I then suddenly realised that I should be in work - I'd gone into town because I thought it was a saturday!