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Burghley Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog / animals /

We got to the showground on sunday morning and since we were going to be there for 2 days, we pitched our tent behind the hamster club tent. It was a bit of a struggle since it was very windy. The first day was quite busy but at lunchtime we went to watch the Llama racing:


There were also some small steam engines being driven around:

Tiny steam engine

There was a diesel generator a short distance from our tent but during the day you couldn't really hear it. At night when everything was quiet, the noise of the generator became quite noticeable.

It rained a bit overnight but we managed to put our tent away during the brief window of dry weather. It started raining again shortly before the show opened and kept raining all day. This meant is was a very slow start on the monday - we were waiting ¾ of an hour for the first members of the public to turn up. It got better as the day wore on and we got a few more visitors.

Some photos from the Thame Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog /

Thame Country Show
In one of the falconry tents.

Thame Country Show
A demonstration of using 'Heavy Horses' for logging.

Thame Country Show
A tiny Shetland Pony.

Hamster Show Tent
Setting up the Hamster Show.

The weather was ok in the morning but the sky got darker and it started to rain in the afternoon. The showground became gradually quieter during the day as the morning visitors left but nobody came to replace them so by late afternoon, the place was practically deserted.

Knebworth Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog / food_and_drink /

We have been going to a lot of country shows recently. We had entered the Hamster Show on Saturday so I had some time to explore and watch some of the shows and demonstrations. The glass blowers were the same people I saw at Wiltshire Country Show but this time they were demonstrating how old-fashioned window glass was made.

The cookery demonstration was also by the same person from the Wiltshire show. He made a tasty looking savoury Chelsea Bun containing cheese, pesto and various other ingredients.

A lot of different foods were available in the two food tents. We tried various free samples before buying a selection of flavoured cheeses (mature cheddar, garlic, garlic and herbs, horseradish, curry, chilli) and a 1½ litre jug of cider.

We used some of the cheese on our regular Saturday night pizzas. We put a different cheese on each half, and cut the pizzas at right angles to the cheese divide, so we each had 2 half-pizzas with 4 different cheeses (We liked them so much we had pizza again on Sunday).

There was no hamster show on Sunday but there was a display. We were kept busy all day dealing with the public, answering questions about keeping hamsters and explaining the differences between the various breeds of hamster.

Wiltshire Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog /

Some photos from the Wiltshire Country Show, at Bowood House. We were there with the Hamster Show but there was time to take a look at the rest of the showground. The show seemed to be bigger than previous years but a lot of the events were repeated so if you weren't careful you could end up watching the same thing several times.


Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

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Thame Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog / Hamsters /

The weather wasn't terribly good this year but at least it was only a bit damp, unlike last year when there were hailstorms.

This year's show felt like it had been scaled down a bit - there seemed to be less variety of events in the main arena. There wasn't a dedicated food tent but most of the same food vendors were there, just not concentrated in one area.

We were there for the Hamster show but we had some free time to walk around the site and see some of the events.

Horse Events
There were a lot of horse-related events in the main arena. This one involved riders having to pick up litter using spiked sticks. You can tell it was cold from the steam coming out of the horse's nostrils.

Ferret Racing
Ferret Racing. This was the winning ferret at the 2 o'clock race. Luckily it was also the one we bet on.

I was watching one of the falconry events and the bird landed on one of the loudspeakers near where I was standing.

All of these photos were taken using an old telephoto zoom lens on my Nikon D40. The new cameras can't focus through the old lens but it still works if I'm prepared to focus manually. I thought it wouldn't be a problem but it turned out to be surprisingly difficult to focus accurately. My old manual focus cameras had features such as the split screen rangefinder and fresnel screen. These made it very easy to see when something was in focus. The modern autofocus cameras have a plain screen which isn't as useful. The 'electronic rangefinder' has a dot which appears when focus is achieved but it isn't as easy to use as the old fashioned manual focus system.

I should probably start looking out for a newer lens but I shouldn't complain really. At least the old Nikon lenses still work on the newer cameras, even if they don't have 100% functionality. It's better than nothing.

Burghley Game and Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog / Hamsters /

The National Hamster Council had a Hamster Display at the show. This allowed members of the public to handle hamsters and discuss animal ownership and welfare. We went to help out, and had an interesting time talking to people in the display tent. We also managed to go out into the rest of the show to go around some of the stalls and events.


Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail
Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail Thumbnail

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Thame Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog / Hamsters /

The opening day of this years show was very badly attended. Many people were obviously scared off by the weather forecast predicting hail and snow. We got both during the day but only in small bursts.

We were there as part of the Hamster Show, but got some time off to wander around the show. The arena events had very small audiences compared to last year. Some of the tents and stalls in the further reaches of the site were either empty or closed.  

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Thame Country Show

Story location: Home / Blog /

Our reason for going was the Hamster show. We arrived early because we counted as 'exhibitors' so had to arrive before the show opened to the public. We had plenty of time to wander around and see what else was going on though. Unfortunately we also had to wait until the end before we could leave so it was quite a long day.

It was worth it though because Hank and Peggy won in the 'novice' section, although it was a bit of a cheat because they were the only two in it. Hank did come third in the 'dwarf sapphire' section though. We also brought Psyche along to enter into the 'pets' category. He came second - we're sure he lost marks because he was reluctant to come out of his 'nest' for the judge.

Thame country show
Chainsaw carving - this was very impressive. It was a while before we managed to work out what he was making - it was an eagle in flight.

Thame country showThame country show

They had ferrets and ferret racing.

Thame country show And pig racing.

Thame country show
And a sheepdog rounding up ducks.