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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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The main reason for going to Blackpool was to go to the Pleasure Beach. The wristbands which allow access to all the rides normally cost £29, which is quite pricey, but we got ours by cashing in some of our 'Tesco Clubcard points', so it was effectively free. If you ignore the several hundred pounds we had to spend at Tesco first, but most of that would be essential food shopping. The full wristbands also allow entry into one of the shows, so it being a hot day we thought the ice show (Hot Ice) would be good. It should be cool in there!

The Pleasure beach didn't open til 11am so we had a spare hour between leaving the B&B and going in. One of the places on the way was a rock shop where they actually made the rock in the back. They were demonstrating how they make the 'Blackpool' letters using long pieces of black and white sugar mixture.

We went on most of the rides while we were there. Thankfully it was a very warm day so when we got soaked on 'Valhalla' (an indoor log flume type ride) we dried out fairly quickly. Although it was reasonably busy, the queues were fairly short for most of the rides.

italian job

iron bru revolution

large seagulls

stop - children.

trauma towers
At the end of the Trauma Towers 'tour' there is the ride itself where everyone sits on a circular bench around the dining table which featured in the story. There was one cocky kid who kept sarcastically saying 'oh, I'm so scared' when the bench started spinning. He soon shut up when it started clunking and shaking.

Vegas of the North

Story location: Home / Blog /

While we were up north visiting out parents, we decided to go up to Formby to see the red squirrels, then carry on to Blackpool. When we got to Blackpool, we checked into our B&B then had a walk up and down the sea front, popping into some of the arcades and a few of the pubs en-route.

There has been a lot of talk recently about Blackpool becoming the 'Vegas of the North' with themed casinos. Looking at this place, it is already half way there.

Coral Island

The Buccaneer Family Bar

We stopped at a few places for drinks while we were walking along the sea front. We had some cocktails at a place called The Counting House. I can't remember what this one was called but it looks quite spectacular.