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Birmingham Geese

Story location: Home / Blog / birmingham /

When I was in the kitchen in work, I looked out of the window to see some geese on the grass outside the building, near the visitors car park. You don't normally see geese in the middle of Birmingham. They were still there when I was on my way home so I took some photos:

On The Ceiling

Story location: Home / Blog / theatre /

I don't go to the theatre very often, so when a special offer was circulated in work (the chance to see On the Ceiling for only £5), I decided it was too good an offer to refuse. The play, at the Birmingham Rep, was written by Nigel Planer (best known for playing Neil in the Young Ones or narrating the 90s revival of The Magic Roundabout). He was actually at the theatre tonight - we saw him in the foyer a few times and he was sitting at the far end of our row.

The play was about two of Michaelangelo's assistants during the painting of the roof of the Sistene Chapel. A fairly quirky comedy with some funny moments. It was mainly a double act (starring Ralf Little and Ron Cook), but with the Pope and a Cardinal making a brief appearance towards the end.

Second Day in Work

Story location: Home / Blog / work /

Well, yesterday was my first day in work. Most of the time was spent reading through various instruction manuals and help files. A gentle introduction to the job. Today, I was more or less left to myself to get the job done.
What the job consists of is examining data from traffic flow monitoring, and looking for any anomalies or irregularities. If I see any, I then have to try and find out the cause - possible instrument failure, a genuine traffic flow problem, or just 'one of those things'. The most interesting thing to happen today was when a crowd gathered around the laser printer to watch someone attempt to free a paper jam.

New Job!

Story location: Home / Blog / work /

This morning, I went for a job interview in Birmingham - a position described as a 'Data Analyst Technician'. It involves examining traffic flow information and looking for anomalies and transferring everything to a database. While I was still in Birmingham, I receive a phone call telling me that I'd got the job. I start on Thursday.

Unusual Taste Beans

Story location: Home / Blog / birmingham /

My girlfriend, Emma, joined me in Birmingham today when I went in for my job interview. While I was being interviewed, she went down New Street for the shops. I joined her afterwards, meeting her in Marks & Spencers.

It turned into quite a shopping trip. We had a look round some CD/DVD shops, went to Selfridges where we had our regular fix of their wonderful onion bhajis (and also this time bought some snacks from the Lebanese food counter which were expensive but tasty). Coming out of the Bullring, we found ourselves in the Chinatown area so we popped into one of the supermakarkets for me to stock up on tea. We also came away with a pack of 'Unusual Taste Bean'.

After finding out that I got the job (I received a phone call shortly after eating our Selfridges lunch), we went clothes shopping. The job requires smart attire, so I bought a few shirts and ties. Also, to celebrate, we bought a bottle of fizz (a New Zealand champagne style wine which tasted really good) and Emma and I also somehow ended up buying matching trainers (which she described as Celebration Shoes!).  

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